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Dispensing pharmacist

IC Pharma is developing innovative services for dispensing pharmacists. Its aim is to meet the needs of patients, while carrying out legal group purchases.

  • Personalised group purchasing management system

Are you a pharmacist who would like to group together with some of your colleagues?

IC Pharma allows you to create your own purchasing association. Indeed, grouping together to buy better has become essential to preserve the profitability of pharmacies.

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  • Central purchasing agency for pharmaceutical products

Are you a pharmacist who wants to simplify and optimise the management of your purchases? 

The agency offers:

  • A catalogue of leading products in all areas of the pharmacy: RX and OTC medicines, Medical devices, Veterinary products, Dietary supplements and nutrients, Homoeopathy, Aromatherapy, Cosmetics
  • A hundred laboratories and more than 5,000 references
  • A simple and fast way of ordering via a dynamic and efficient purchasing platform.

The central purchasing agency saves you time, increases efficiency and improves the profitability of your pharmacy!

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